Top 10 Younger Women Dating Older Men Advice

Younger women dating older men is nothing new, these days especially, as many of the younger men have been on the hunt for a sugar mama to call their own. When it comes to dating older men, advice can be helpful, especially if one is attempting to transition from dating into a more serious relationship. Remember to consider the following advice. It might prove to be of value at some point down the line. younger women dating older men advice

  • Number One

Be yourself. Younger women turn his eye and get his attention for a reason. He asked you out remember. To be anything less than yourself will prove unwise at some point down the line. Besides you are perfect the way you are.

  • Number Two

Kill the ex with kindness. The younger women dating older men thing is already hard enough for her to handle. Plus they have a history you will never be able to take away, don’t even try. If he talks badly about her do not join in, it is a trap that is just waiting for the chance to snag you.

  • Number Three

If he has children do not try to be a parent to them. The whole younger women dating older men idea is one that they are not going to take very kindly to in the first place. Children, regardless their age, are never going to be overly nice to or even like the person taking dad’s attention away from them.

  • Number Four

Make him feel young and fun. Get him out there trying new things and laughing whenever the opportunity arises. An older man often wants the chance to be young and carefree. Many times it is an opportunity to relive their own glory days.

  • Number Five

Don’t let him be your daddy. Any time you older men, or younger even, to have that much control over you is destined to end on a pour sour note, it is just a matter of when. It is not a smart idea to tempt fate in that way. Besides, why would you want to date older men who would rather be in control of you like your daddy.

  • Number Six

Be supportive. Typically, older men have more responsibilities that they must juggle such as a career obligation, parenthood commitments, and goal developments. Find ways to be helpful when possible, just don’t make him feel as if you are forcing him to choose.

  • Number Seven

When men age they get better looking and love it for you to remind them of that. Look at Richard Gere, George Clooney, Pierce Brosnan, and Dylan McDermott, they don’t get any sexier.

  • Number Eight

Don’t complain to him that you are getting older. This is the golden rule for younger women dating an older man, it is just forbidden. Granted turning twenty-five is tough, but he is about to be forty. OUCH. Let your friends complain with you on the age thing. It is just a better plan.

  • Number Nine

Some weekends he is just going to want to stay at home or at least not be out all night. He will try not to let the age show but there are just going to be times you must let him get some rest.

  • Number Ten

This one is one of the most important rules for younger women dating older men, do not remind him he is getting old in public or around his friends. Although he will laugh and try to play it off. Reminding him that he is becoming hard of hearing in his old age or asking him if he wants a rocking chair for the porch are great lines. They sink in his head. He will question them over and over again or just flat get mad one day.

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