How to Make that Lucky Strike with a Younger Woman Looking for Older Men

A lot of older men out there are getting back on the dating scene for varied reasons – need for a companionship, striking a lasting friendship or getting over the baggage of past relationships. In fact, going by the sheer number of age-gap relationships in the present times, it seems older men, with their sense of maturity and stable lifestyle, are nothing short of gold dust for younger women. Be that as it may, it doesn’t mean dating a younger woman is going to be a walk in the park. Here are certain do’s and don’ts for your lucky strike with women looking for older menyounger woman looking for older men

  • The Do’s

Here a few pointers to keep in mind to woo a younger woman:

1.With all those years and experiences behind you, you probably know by now that no one is perfect. You, too, may have certain baggage from the past. A failed marriage, kids, commitment issues, whatever it is, be open about your past. Cast your apprehensions about her lack of understanding aside and talk to her about your life and experiences.

2.It is important for you to respect her feelings and opinions just as you’d expect her to respect yours. Instead of adopting a condescending attitude where you shoot down everything she has to say with ‘oh, what do you know’, – or something to that effect – hear her out, and let her know that her opinions matter.

3.Another vital aspect in age gap relationships is to establish clear boundaries about your expectations from the relationship. If you are just looking for a fling, you should convey it to the significant other in no ambiguous terms, lest you have her planning a whole life with you even as you contemplate moving on.

  • The Don’ts

On the flip side, these a few tendencies to steer clear of:

1.Career growth and financial stability come with age. It is, therefore, likely that you earn more than her but flaunting your cash too liberally is a definite no-no. If she is a self-respecting woman, she may be put-off by this constant show of money. On the other hand, if she is someone looking for an easy access to a comfortable lifestyle, you may find her leeching on to you.

2.Dating a 20-something woman doesn’t mean you have to change the way your dress and look. Most women find older men attractive for their suave looks and that salt-pepper hair. Don’t go back to trend-driven street wear just to fit in into her lifestyle. It won’t do much to cover up your years but will sure leave you looking rather ridiculous.

3.The most important pitfall to watch out for is letting age become an issue in your relationship. Don’t let your age gap add any stress to the relationship. If you don’t care about the difference in your years, there is a good chance it will never be a potential issue. If you really like her enough to pursue her, it is best to just go with the flow.