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It is a well known fact that girls mature faster than boys but even at an older age, men are still immature and let’s face it, a little bit dense. Are you tired of dating the same breed of men again and again? Maybe it is time for you to date someone older. Someone more in your league and someone who definitely understands you older men advice

There are a number of do’s and don’ts when dating older men and here are some of them:

  • DO – Learn from Your Partner

He’s older; he’s had more life experiences and thus will definitely have good advice to share. It is imperative that you learn from your man’s life experiences and make better choices in your own life.

  • DON’T – Focus on His Age

Yes he is older and he is well aware of that. You continuously pointing out how much younger, fitter and healthier you are is not going to make him any happier. Stay away from the grey hair and old man jokes.

  • DO – Be Yourself

Don’t pretend to be someone you’re not. There is no point in acting overly mature or immature. Act your age and be exactly who you are if you want the relationship to last longer.

  • DON’T – Become Dependent or Needy

Yes, he’s older, probably more mature and definitely more experienced that you but you shouldn’t treat him like your daddy. Running to him for every little thing at the drop of a hat will make him think you’re extremely clingy and needy.

  • DO – Appreciate that Men Get Better with Age

Just like a good bottle of single malt scotch, men also tend to get better with age. They definitely get richer, better looking and even more mature. Younger women dating older men should learn to appreciate this fact.

  • DON’T – Crib about Your Age

Yes you just turned 26 and you are now on the wrong side of 25 but make it a point to not crib about your age in front of your man. He’s probably 39 going on 40 and would love to be 26 again and you reminding him that he’s not will just irritate him.

  • DO – Expect Baggage and be Understanding

The fact that he is older also means he has more baggage. He’s probably divorced and even has kids. This is to be expected when dating older men. Don’t try to be his kid’s new mommy. This is probably the best dating advice that anyone can give you.

  • DON’T – Focus too Much on the Past

It is essential that you let bygones be bygones. Don’t dig too deeply into his past and failed relationships. In fact this advice is relevant for both sides. You must avoid referring to your own past relationships and failures.

The key to any healthy relationship is open communication and honesty so above all when you meet an older man and start dating him, don’t let age be the barrier in your relationship.

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