Tips For Dating A Man 20 Years Older

For those who started dating in high school, it would usually be with a classmate or a peer. The age difference isn’t all that significant. Even though back then it may be a big deal if a Junior is dating a Senior, when you reach your 30s, a couple years of age gap won’t be that big of a deal anymore. But what if the guy you are interested in is about 10 years or so older? Dating A Man 20 Years Older

In love, age should not matter. But there are some instances when it can be a challenge for some, both for the woman and the man. If you really want to be with this older guy, you have to be aware of and prepared for certain idiosyncrasies of this alliance.

  • The Generation Gap

If he is older by about 20 years or more, chances are you grew up from different eras-he was in high school in the 80s and you in the 90s. In this case, you might find that your ideas on what is considered “cool” or interesting will be different from that of your guy’s. Your taste in music, for example, could vary a lot: he likes to listen to Duran Duran while you like Spice Girls.

If you let this become a problem, you might find yourself fighting for which station to listen to while you’re both in the car. But this shouldn’t be. You can always find a compromise, find music that both of you like. Even if you grew up in different decades, you can always find a common ground whether it be in music or other things.

  • The Awkward Stares

Being significantly younger than your date could sometimes mean that you will have to endure the piercing (and sometimes judgmental) look from the other patrons of the restaurant, or from pedestrians while walking down the street, or from the group of kids in the park, and anywhere else you and your man might be, especially if he looks old enough to be your dad.

Don’t let this bother you. Thankfully, nowadays it has become more common for people who are years apart to be seen dating. There are only very few who are close-minded enough to judge and look down upon such a situation. As long as you really like each other and that you both know that you are not hurting anyone else, then the opinion of those who don’t agree should not matter.

If you feel that your man is the one for you, there should be no issue that the two of you can’t overcome. Thanks to his experiences, he might already know how to handle the relationship too. This could mean that you don’t have to bear all the burden of making it work. You could truly be partners in this and take your relationship to a whole new level hand-in-hand.

5 Benefits of Dating An Older Man

Younger women date older men all the time. There’s just something about older men that make them more attractive to younger women, who just don’t connect with men their own age. Dating men their age can be quite exhausting since women are naturally more mature than guys, so dating an older man puts them at the same maturity level. And because society generally accepts when a younger woman dates an older guy, more and more women are ditching guys their own age and going for men with more life experience. Here are a few benefits of dating an older manDating An Older Man

1.He’s well established

An older guy already knows who he is and is well established. He’s not trying to figure things out and doesn’t have the time to mess around because he’s beyond that stage in his life. He knows what he wants and likes and doesn’t have the time or patience of stuff he doesn’t like. However, he’s still open-minded and will simply go with the flow of things. Younger women like that fact that he’s confident and established in his life.

2.Has his finances in order

Many older men have their finances in order and are financially secure. They have a stable job or career and even if they’re not rich, they know how to handle their money. They’ll be able to treat you like a true lady and you won’t have to worry about having to always split the bill unless you choose to out of fairness.

3.He’ll take the reigns

A woman likes when a man takes the reigns and that’s exactly what an older guy does. They have experience and have been around the block so they now how to wine and dine a younger woman.

4.More experience sexually

Not only will he have more life experience, but he’ll also have more sex experience and will know what turns you on. Sex will be intimate and great and he’ll know how to satisfy a younger woman.

5.He’ll appreciate your youth

Older men want to stay youthful and younger women are like the fountain of youth for them. They’ll spoil and provide all sorts of attention to their younger female partners, which is what many younger women want from a relationship.

Top 10 Younger Women Dating Older Men Advice

Younger women dating older men is nothing new, these days especially, as many of the younger men have been on the hunt for a sugar mama to call their own. When it comes to dating older men, advice can be helpful, especially if one is attempting to transition from dating into a more serious relationship. Remember to consider the following advice. It might prove to be of value at some point down the line. younger women dating older men advice

  • Number One

Be yourself. Younger women turn his eye and get his attention for a reason. He asked you out remember. To be anything less than yourself will prove unwise at some point down the line. Besides you are perfect the way you are.

  • Number Two

Kill the ex with kindness. The younger women dating older men thing is already hard enough for her to handle. Plus they have a history you will never be able to take away, don’t even try. If he talks badly about her do not join in, it is a trap that is just waiting for the chance to snag you.

  • Number Three

If he has children do not try to be a parent to them. The whole younger women dating older men idea is one that they are not going to take very kindly to in the first place. Children, regardless their age, are never going to be overly nice to or even like the person taking dad’s attention away from them.

  • Number Four

Make him feel young and fun. Get him out there trying new things and laughing whenever the opportunity arises. An older man often wants the chance to be young and carefree. Many times it is an opportunity to relive their own glory days.

  • Number Five

Don’t let him be your daddy. Any time you older men, or younger even, to have that much control over you is destined to end on a pour sour note, it is just a matter of when. It is not a smart idea to tempt fate in that way. Besides, why would you want to date older men who would rather be in control of you like your daddy.

  • Number Six

Be supportive. Typically, older men have more responsibilities that they must juggle such as a career obligation, parenthood commitments, and goal developments. Find ways to be helpful when possible, just don’t make him feel as if you are forcing him to choose.

  • Number Seven

When men age they get better looking and love it for you to remind them of that. Look at Richard Gere, George Clooney, Pierce Brosnan, and Dylan McDermott, they don’t get any sexier.

  • Number Eight

Don’t complain to him that you are getting older. This is the golden rule for younger women dating an older man, it is just forbidden. Granted turning twenty-five is tough, but he is about to be forty. OUCH. Let your friends complain with you on the age thing. It is just a better plan.

  • Number Nine

Some weekends he is just going to want to stay at home or at least not be out all night. He will try not to let the age show but there are just going to be times you must let him get some rest.

  • Number Ten

This one is one of the most important rules for younger women dating older men, do not remind him he is getting old in public or around his friends. Although he will laugh and try to play it off. Reminding him that he is becoming hard of hearing in his old age or asking him if he wants a rocking chair for the porch are great lines. They sink in his head. He will question them over and over again or just flat get mad one day.

How to Make that Lucky Strike with a Younger Woman Looking for Older Men

A lot of older men out there are getting back on the dating scene for varied reasons – need for a companionship, striking a lasting friendship or getting over the baggage of past relationships. In fact, going by the sheer number of age-gap relationships in the present times, it seems older men, with their sense of maturity and stable lifestyle, are nothing short of gold dust for younger women. Be that as it may, it doesn’t mean dating a younger woman is going to be a walk in the park. Here are certain do’s and don’ts for your lucky strike with women looking for older menyounger woman looking for older men

  • The Do’s

Here a few pointers to keep in mind to woo a younger woman:

1.With all those years and experiences behind you, you probably know by now that no one is perfect. You, too, may have certain baggage from the past. A failed marriage, kids, commitment issues, whatever it is, be open about your past. Cast your apprehensions about her lack of understanding aside and talk to her about your life and experiences.

2.It is important for you to respect her feelings and opinions just as you’d expect her to respect yours. Instead of adopting a condescending attitude where you shoot down everything she has to say with ‘oh, what do you know’, – or something to that effect – hear her out, and let her know that her opinions matter.

3.Another vital aspect in age gap relationships is to establish clear boundaries about your expectations from the relationship. If you are just looking for a fling, you should convey it to the significant other in no ambiguous terms, lest you have her planning a whole life with you even as you contemplate moving on.

  • The Don’ts

On the flip side, these a few tendencies to steer clear of:

1.Career growth and financial stability come with age. It is, therefore, likely that you earn more than her but flaunting your cash too liberally is a definite no-no. If she is a self-respecting woman, she may be put-off by this constant show of money. On the other hand, if she is someone looking for an easy access to a comfortable lifestyle, you may find her leeching on to you.

2.Dating a 20-something woman doesn’t mean you have to change the way your dress and look. Most women find older men attractive for their suave looks and that salt-pepper hair. Don’t go back to trend-driven street wear just to fit in into her lifestyle. It won’t do much to cover up your years but will sure leave you looking rather ridiculous.

3.The most important pitfall to watch out for is letting age become an issue in your relationship. Don’t let your age gap add any stress to the relationship. If you don’t care about the difference in your years, there is a good chance it will never be a potential issue. If you really like her enough to pursue her, it is best to just go with the flow.